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Genuine Telecom is a partnership consisting of three cooperatives: Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative of Blue River, WI; LaValle Telephone Cooperative of LaValle, WI; and Richland Electric Cooperative of Richland Center, WI.

Because Genuine Telecom is locally owned it provides mutual benefits for both business and community members by keeping dollars spent circulating within the community. Local businesses like Genuine Telecom are needed to supply opportunities, such as jobs, for the community and its members. These three local cooperatives sought out their opportunity when deregulations in the telecommunications industry allowed Genuine Telecom to become a competitive local exchange carrier. Meaning that now, you have a choice of local service providers if you live in Richland Center.

Genuine Telecom has built its own facility in the City of Richland Center in order to give their customers the best service possible. Now that our facility is built we are currently offering local and long distance phone service, high speed internet, and digital video TV.

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Genuine Telecom
1027 N Jefferson St.
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