Digital TV Menu Options

There are many options that you can set on your video service with Genuine Telecom. We have listed below the options and quick tips for you to utilize them. You can find these options by pressing the MENU button on your remote control.



  • This will bring up the interactive channel listing guide, which can also be done by pressing the GUIDE button on your remote control.

    • There are currently 5 options under the guide screens which is displayed to the left hand corner of the guide:

      • ALL - this is every channel that is currently offered by Genuine Telecom.

      • SUBSCRIBED - this is only the channels that you are currently subscribed to or paying for.

      • FAVORITES – channels that you have selected for your guide menu.

      • HD – channels that are currently offered by Genuine Telecom if you subscribe to the HD package.

      • PPV – this shows all the channels that are currently available to you for purchasing pay-per view movies.

        • There is an option called RENTALS that we are not utilizing at this time.


  • This will show your different options for the DVR service if you are subscribed to DVR.

    • Recordings

    • To Record

    • Schedule Priority

    • Schedule Event

    • Record History


  • This option is currently not being utilized.


  • Please note that the default password is set to the #1.

  • There are 5 options in this screen:

    • Video-this option is currently not being utilized.

    • PPV Events-this is a list of PPV events that you have purchased.

    • PPV Blocks-this is a list of PPV blocks that you have purchased.

    • Sports Packages-this option is currently not being utilized.

    • Messages-this is where you will find all messages that Genuine Telecom has created concerning your service.


  • Please note that the default password is set to the #1.

  • There are 4 options in the settings screen:

    • Settings Preferences:

      • Share rental, this will allow you to watch a pay-per view that you have purchased at another TV.

      • Require Login, this will require you to enter a password to watch the TV service.

      • Channel Block, this option allows you to make a list of channels that you would like blocked from viewing.

      • Parental Control, this option will allow you set up guidelines for what movie and TV rating will be allowed for viewing.

  • Users:

    • This option will allow you to set up multiple accounts for your family and it will allow you to choose the channels, parental controls, etc.

      • To create a new user you will do the following:

        • Press Add

          • New Login-press the OK button and it will display a keyboard so you can enter the name of the user.

          • New Password-use the number keys to enter a password.

          • Confirm-use the number keys to enter the same password.

          • Allowance-you can set a dollar amount here for pay-per view purchases.

          • Enter PIN-use the number keys to enter a pin

        • Arrow down to Continue and press OK to save this information.

        • Please note that you will have to go back to the Preferences to make sure Require Login is checked for these users to take effect.

  • Packages:

    • This option shows you what package you are subscribed to.

  • Billing:

    • This option shows you the pricing for the package(s) that you are subscribed to.


  • You can create favorites so only the channels that you choose will display on your guide. Many favorites can be set so each member of the household can have their own. Follow the steps in the favorites section to create, edit or remove the favorites.


  • Use this feature to search for programs and times:

    • Press the OK button on your remote control; this will bring up a keyboard where you can type in the name of the program you are searching for (use the navigation arrows).

      • You can search by the GUIDE or RENTALS.

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